Independent Club of Colonia 149 Delaware Ave, Colonia NJ 07067 -                                Community Focused
               OF COLONIA, INC.
Soaring To New Heights
                        Soaring To New Heights
is a non profit community-based organization
dedicated to serving Woodbridge Township,
and the local surrounding area.   
Our Mission Statement
To Encourage positive, personal and professional
growth while developing leaders and role models
within the community.
Goals and Objectives
Pursue a rich and healthy life style which promotes community involvement.
Embrace diversity, honesty, integrity and the inclusion of all people.
Accept social responsibility for the preservation and improvement of human life and our environment.
Strive toward unequivocal excellence by promoting pride and unity among all races.  
Be empathetic toward the needs of others and the
surrounding communities.
Nurturing of "Wholesome American  Values" within the community.
Reach out to other organizations consistent with our goals and objectives, which benefit humanity.
Hold each member to the highest moral and ethical standards, as set forth in our Constitution by the original Charter Members.
To serve the community with the same pride and dedication of our founding fathers.   
               Serving The Community 
                          Since 1949     
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