Independent Club of Colonia 149 Delaware Ave, Colonia NJ 07067 -                                Community Focused
Neighborhood Group
This organization
along with it's members are committed to meeting the needs of the community.
It is our belief that the residents' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, we became part of the Woodbridge Township Neighborhood Group.
 The Woodbridge Township Neighborhood Group Program is designed to strengthen the ties within our neighborhood. It allows us the opportunity to become an integral part of our Township, it's political agenda along with current and upcoming events.
 The Neighborhood Group affords us benefits previously unknown to our residents, and gives you a voice in the decision making processes that effect you and your community.
  The Neighborhood Group is not only part of the community, it represents you and the community.
This group functions as a results of your participation, this is your group and your voice. Because of you (the residents) we now have a direct line of communication with the Township.
 This group is recognized by the Mayor, Council Persons and Woodbridge Township. 
 While this group is in fact separate from the Independent Club Of Colonia in terms of it's membership and overall responsibilities, we work hand and hand to accomplish community goals.
 We welcome
 the opportunity to serve you.
Next meeting - Please visit this site soon for the next meeting date.
149 Delaware Ave Colonia NJ 07067
Light refreshments will be served
  Please join us for updates and new exciting events happening in our community
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