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"Free At Last"
Independent Club of Colonia
“ The Club House “
The Independent Club of Colonia, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization founded in the late 1940's. It was incorporated in The Year of   Our Lord Nineteen Hundred & Forty Nine, & formally established on the grounds of 149 Delaware Ave Colonia NJ, in 1953.
Our founding fathers were a local group of African-American residents within the Colonia section of Woodbridge Township.
The Charter Members signed the original constitution in 1954, officially establishing the organization in the community.
The purpose of the club as stated in Article 2, Section A of the Constitution states: "We of the INDEPENDENT CLUB OF COLONIA, INC. form this club for the purpose of promoting civic betterment of the members thereof, and to promote civic and recreational activities which will benefit the physical and moral welfare of the members of the community."
The Independent Club of Colonia fondly referred to as “The Club House” is located on the corner of West Maple Street and Delaware Avenue, directly across from the Colonia Middle School and one block from the Evergreen Senior Citizen Center.
This historic landmark was originally built to provide a "Safe Haven" for its members and the local community. Over the past seven decades The Club House has served as a venue for political, educational and social gatherings. 
Although The Club House might be considered a small building by today’s standard, its' walls hold over sixty years of fond memories and events, generations of determined dedicated members, thousands of shared ideas and an endless commitment to build and shape a unique diverse community that strives for excellence.
   Serving the  Community
Since 1949 
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